*chirp…chirp…chirp* Yep, that’s the sound of crickets around here! We’ve had a super busy week, and I haven’t had much free time to write a new post. I thought instead, that I would share one of the blogs most viewed posts instead. It’s very relevant and important information for those who are unable to purchase eggs directly from a farmer. Enjoy this older post, and hopefully I’ll have a little free time towards the end of the week to get some new stuff up 🙂

Plowing in Pearls

If you don’t have access to fresh eggs from a farmer, who you know and trust to have raised that product in a way you’re comfortable with, what is your next best option?
Grocery stores and their providing companies have cunningly come up with marketing tactics to make you believe the egg you purchase is coming from a chicken that lives a pastoral life of scratching and foraging on green, open pastures. But just because the carton says “Free-run“, doesn’t mean the chicken lived any better life than one in a cage. Let’s look at the different labels you’ll find in the grocery store, and what they really mean:

Standard Eggs

(Just your regular old egg, with no claims other than size and grade)

These eggs are laid by chickens kept in “battery cages“. They are essentially a 12″x12” box, with no room for…

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