We Thought It Was A Goner, But The Hive Came Back, The Very Next Day.

As. If. That. Just. Happened. Oh my gosh! I had the most unbelievable moment yesterday, I’m still in awe at the thought of it. If you recall, I suffered a bit of a hit on Sunday when my beehive swarmed, and half of them flew away just hours before I was to split them and put them in my brand new Top-Bar Hive.

Well, ladies and gentleman, let me show you what I found while gardening yesterday.

Oh yeah, baby!! That’s my swarm!….OK, well maybe not my exact swarm. I’ll never really know that, but who cares anyway?? It’s bees! The best part was that this lovely cluster was located not 10 feet from my Top-Bar Hive, and on a low branch that was thin enough I could cut it with my little hand pruners. My heart was beating out of my chest as I called Todd, in a panick, trying to figure out exactly what to do. Like a trained emergency response operator talking someone through giving birth, he calmly explained that I needed to snip the branch that the bees were on off, and ever so gently carry said branch to the TBH, then quickly shake the branch over the open hive to drop all the bees in.

It all sounded too easy. It was all too perfect! How is this happening, that just days ago I almost cried watching my bees fly away, only to find a perfect swarm right beside my TBH?!

This is usually where the story goes south, right? But no, not this time! This time it all went off without a hitch. I pruned the branches that the bees were on while my awesome, fearless brother-in-law pulled the lid back. With one swift shake, the bees were in!

Home Sweet Home

Now, I wait…

I don’t think I’m quite out of the woods yet, though. I still have no idea if there’s a queen. I have no experience with TBH’s. This could all still go disastrously wrong, but for the time being I’m floating on cloud 9 😀

Who else has had a moment when things seemed to be going so wrong, but then miraculously turned right again?


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18 thoughts on “We Thought It Was A Goner, But The Hive Came Back, The Very Next Day.

  1. Lol, congratulations! Is this not justice, or what?
    And good luck with your TopBar… Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    • Ahh Thanks Deb 🙂 I’m so excited. The only minor glitch was that since this all happened so fast, and I don’t think that well under pressure, I forgot to put the rest of the bars in the TBH. Now the bees are all clustered on the inside of the lid and I’m afraid to move it! lol

      • Oh you better conquer that fear quickly, ’cause they’ll start laying down comb right away. (Sorry I didn’t see this sooner) :

  2. YAY! Hope they’re happy in their new home…
    Thought about your bees the other day when a swarm flew past my son while he was doing some yard work for me…No way to know if it was a wild hive, or one of the neighbors’, but it spooked the kid pretty good!

    • lol I believe it! My Husband and my mom who were there watching both stood back quite a distance. Ironically though, when they’re in that swarm state, they’re very docile. I shook a few thousand bees off a branch and didn’t get stung once! (later, when I moved my other hive though, I did get stung. A lot. lol)

  3. Hi there, thanks for sharing, I was lucky enough to catch a swarm of bees this week, I videoed the happy event, link below

      • Many thanks Marie, crazy thing is there’s been two more today, I’ve had to box them up and take them to a friend as I only want three hives

  4. Top bar hives are really great- and def better than the traditional style- but you should check out the Warre method, which is a vertical top bar hive- my husband and I are getting into this right now and it’s pretty amazing… We’d bee happy to recommend a couple great books we’ve been reading! …totally didn’t mean to say “bee happy.” haha! Love your blog!

  5. Do you know about using essential oil of lemon grass to attract a swarm to your top bar hive? What I’ve read is that you set your hive all up, including applying bees wax to the bars, add a few drops of the EO and wait. If there is a swarm in the vicinity they will be atracted to it. My hive only exists in my head for now, but I’ve read about doing this from several different sources. HTH!

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