I Survived My First Kidding

After weeks of anticipation, it finally happened! Maebelle is the proud mom to 2 beautiful twin boys.

Yesterday morning I noticed that she had “bagged up” a lot in the last 12 hours, and she seemed to be a little more  solitary, but I didn’t notice anything really notable about her “rear view” other than a great big udder…

Yesterday evening, a calf was being born at my brother-in-law’s, and since I hadn’t seen a cow give birth I was pretty excited to witness this miracle.

If you look closely, you can just see a pair of feet sticking out the cows rear end.

However, things weren’t going well, and they had to take the cow in to the barn to pull the calf. I didn’t watch because I had Little Farmer with me, and since he doesn’t quite understand the concept of being quiet, I thought it best we wait outside until everything was done.

Luckily, the calf survived, and mom and baby were doing very well. I took so many pictures, I was like the paparazzi.

This guys so fresh, he still steaming!

On our way home, I was feeling a little disappointed that I didn’t get to see the birth. When I got home, I almost went straight inside, but thought instead I should take a quick peek at Maebelle. I still wasn’t anticipating anything, since I’ve been holding my breath for a couple of weeks now, with no action.

When I  went in to the barn, I found Maebelle near the water trough laying on a bit of spilled hay (there’s usually no hay or straw in this area but I managed to spill a bit when I was taking it outside the other day). I thought she might be in labor because the wouldn’t move. I really wanted her to be in her pen with all the lovely fresh straw I had prepared for her, but even her favorite graham crackers couldn’t persuade her to move. I told Farmer B I thought it was time, and that I was heading to house to get my camera and a blanket to watch the show. He took one look at her and said I didn’t have time. As soon as I heard that I ran full speed back to the house to get my camera. When I got back this is what I found

I was so excited and nervous! I didn’t know what to do, if anything at all. After a little while, Maebelle was working hard and there wasn’t much progression. I would always rather be safe than sorry, so I grabbed the little guy’s legs and pulled the next time Maebelle pushed, and out slid our first sweet baby.

Baby #1 is born!

I was so overwhelmed, watching mom and baby and reveling in the miracle I had just witnessed that I almost didn’t notice another little nose poking out

Baby #2 is on his way

Baby #2 was coming out head only, which really made me nervous since I was afraid the legs would cause him to get stuck, and she really seemed to be labouring, so once again I pulled as she pushed and out slid baby #2

Cleaning off baby #2

By this time we had quite an audience. One of the horses thought he’d come in for a drink, but took a look (and smell) at what was going on and promptly turned and left. If you’re not the Dad, birthing isn’t really a “guy” thing I guess, but Marigold was very interested in what was going on with her buddy. So were our cats Flea and Jimmy.

Maebelle didn't approve of the audience

I got the babies and Momma moved to their own pen with clean straw after she’d mostly cleaned them off. Then I sat and waited for them to latch on. 45 minutes of trying to find the teat I knew I needed to make sure they got a drink ASAP so I helped them find their way. I’ll tell you, for the goat that would gladly gouge your eye out for touching her before, she sure has changed her tune now. She was licking me just as much as the babies. Finally both babies were able to nurse and find the teat on their own, so I said goodnight, and thanked God for two healthy babies, and prayed they would make it through ’till morning.

Gorgeous babies

Sure enough, this morning I found 3 sweet little faces staring back at me. Both babies and Mom look happy and healthy. Now to name them. I’m thinking Mac and Morris?


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23 thoughts on “I Survived My First Kidding

  1. Lovely pictures as usual Marie!! I am glad you had a chance to see it. Mac and Morris sound like great names. 🙂

    • Thanks Steve! It was quite dark in the barn, and I’m not too familiar with all the new camera settings yet, but they turned out pretty good 🙂

    • Thanks Jess! I’ll have to get you to give me some tips on low light photography for next time I’m taking pictures in a dark barn though lol

  2. Your story and pictures were a very nice start to my day. Such sweet pictures to go with my coffee. Congratulations, to you on your first kidding. May you be blessed again next year with such perfect babies!

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  4. How fantastic that you were there at just the right time and you got to help with the birthing. I’ve watched many of our cattle give birth but I’ve never actually helped.

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