A Colorful Dozen

Now that spring is here, everyone is laying well once again. After a long wait, I think all my Ameracauna hens are laying. They have such beautiful eggs! Some are green, and some are more blue, but they add such interest to the eggs cartons!

Ameracauna Eggs, Easter Eggers, Blue Green Eggs

Blue and Green Ameracauna Eggs

Our new girls are laying the typical tiny first-timer eggs, being about the size of those Cadbury eggs you get around easter that are filled with icing “yolk”. But some of them are a beautiful dark brown, and others are much lighter. A few of my heritage hens lay a great pinky colored egg. Over all, the different breeds make up one colorful dozen!

Mixed Eggs, Blue, Brown, Pink, White

A little blue, a little brown, and one white egg for good measure.

Personally, I love the multi-colored packs, and was shocked when I had customers knocking on my door (I have a fridge right outside and sell eggs on the honor system) demanding a new dozen of eggs because they “didn’t like the way the blue eggs taste” (which is ludicrous. All eggs are exactly the same on the inside no matter what the shell color!) or were just plain freaked out by them. The first couple times I tried to explain that no, they didn’t taste any different, and there was nothing weird about the color. In the end though, I started refusing to accept “egg racism”. I added a disclaimer of sorts in the packages explaining that blue eggs are exactly the same as white or brown eggs, and just like people are the same on the inside, no matter what their outside looks like. People take what I have or don’t buy from me. I probably lost a few customers over that, but I don’t mind 😉

My American Buff geese started laying yesterday as well. They’re eggs are massive compared to the chicken eggs. It looks pretty funny to line them all up and really get a sense for size difference.

Goose Egg compared to Chicken Egg

Eggs from left to right: Goose, chicken, first-time chicken, bantam chicken

I think I’ll make omelets for dinner tonight 🙂

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9 thoughts on “A Colorful Dozen

  1. Thats awesome!! You stand up for those lil blues!
    On a side note, Im surprised she just didnt swap browns from another for blues in hers if she didnt like the look when you weren’t looking lol.

  2. They are just beautiful. Yesterday a friend from church brought me a dozen egg and I was so excited. I asked her “Are they the real chicken eggs” she just laughed at me. I rarely get the “real” ones, just store bought…lol

    • Truthfully, I’m not really sure!! I’ve tried to catch them red handed if you will, but with no luck. It’s not a real true pink either, it’s more of a brown with a white-ish coating (not like the bloom, which washes off if you get it wet) that ends up looking pinky. If I’m ever lucky enough to be out there when the hen who lays that egg is in the box, I’ll let you know which one it is 🙂

    • It’s like easter every time you get a dozen eggs from here 🙂
      I haven’t bought eggs from the store in probably 3 years or more, so for a while I didn’t realize the difference between my beautiful orangey eggs and store bought eggs, until I went out for breakfast with my parents one day and ordered eggs. I remember staring at my plate for a few seconds trying to figure out what was wrong with these eggs?? Why are they so yellow? The difference is truly remarkable.

      • We have blue, brown, white, tan, green and olive eggs. We just love the different colors. I sell mine to our church members and they love all of the different colors. I have had a few questions involving the blue eggs taste. They always wanted to know if they taste any different? It makes me laugh every time. as far as the eggs tasting different than store bought…….we never order eggs out. None of us can stomach them after eating “real eggs:.

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