Chickens, Fences, and Landscapes- Oh my!

Today, we set temperature records here in Ontario. A blazing 26 celsius (It is March for crying out loud!). I don’t think anyone other than a fellow Canadian can fully appreciate how bizarre this is. It was actually almost too hot to work. But, I know this is just temporary, so I’m trying to get as much done as I can while the weather lasts.

On Monday, our old production laying hens went to a new home. A nice retired couple came and took all 22 of them to their hobby farm to peck around their lawn and provide a few eggs. On Wednesday, I picked up our new ready-to-lay production hens. These hens are Red Sexlinks and, as their title states, have either just started laying, or will in the next day or two. Some of them have taken longer to settle in than others, but over all they’re doing well.

A new hen getting acquainted with next boxes.

Most of the girls that are currently laying kind of missed the boxes this morning. I found about 10 eggs here there and everywhere. They’ll get the hang of it no time though.

We have also been doing a little landscaping around the area of our fencing project. Years ago a giant pile of gravel was dumped along the edge of the field where my piggies will be going. It grew up with all kinds of weeds and scraggly grass. It’s the area of our property that’s very visible from the road, and it’s always been an eyesore. But…not any more! Farmer B and I, (Ok, Farmer B did all the work, I just supervised) leveled it all out, and WOW. What a difference.

Our gravel hump "before".

And after...

And last, but not least (I didn’t realize how much we’ve done this week until I start writing it all down!) we fenced my vegetable garden! I have wanted my garden fenced since the day I dug it. We did once have a crummy chain-link fence that had only corner posts and no centre supports…even though the sides were 36′ long! You can imagine how it sagged by the end of the season! I ripped that down the following spring. It wasn’t helping improve the appearance of our property in any way. Last year I went fence-less and didn’t get one scrap of lettuce. The geese and chickens devoured my lettuce, pecked holes in my tomatoes, and trampled my beans. When you put so much effort in to growing a good garden, it is soul crushing to see it destroyed. So, as the saying goes, if you want something done, do it yourself! I donned my work gloves and loaded up our truck with 50-ish split cedar rails that were piled in a rotting heap on another one of our farms, and put them to good use again. Being the fantastic husband he is, Farmer B jumped in to help me (and thank goodness, because I would have been there for a loong time otherwise!)

I’ll cut the posts off to a more proportionate level, but over all I’m thrilled to bits with the way it looks! It doesn’t really show in the picture, but there is chicken wire around the bottom to keep them from sneaking under (or between) the rails. Can’t you just picture it full of lush vegetables, with glorious sweet peas climbing up the rails, and sunflowers waving gently in the breeze?

I could do without the heat stroke in March, but as long as it stays above 5 celsius, I’ll be a happy girl. I can’t wait to put together next weeks “To-Do” list!


7 thoughts on “Chickens, Fences, and Landscapes- Oh my!

    • Thank you! I’m such a sucker for split rail fences! They bring on such a sense of nostalgia…and they’re effective. Best of both worlds 🙂

  1. Your fence looks beautiful! Today was the third record-breaking day in a row for PEI. We were out in the backyard all day and my little boy was running around in his underwear and bare feet, while snow was melting on the grass. It’s crazy!

    • haha I can totally picture that! Our little guy was doing the same (although the snow is long gone here) He’s filthy from head to toe every night, but I love it!

  2. everything looks terrific, Marie! Our property had a stone fence around it that had fallen over decades ago, (the home was built in 1860), but last week I started to build it again along one side of the yard and it looks GORGEOUS!!!!!! there are tulips and wildflowers already blooming all around it. I can’t wait to come and see yours and make some soap!!!!!

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