Tackling My To-Do List

Well, still no camera. Maybe this means I’ll be able to get a new one? The DSLR I’ve been dying for? A girl can dream.

The unseasonable weather continues, and so does my to-do list. We were able to clean out our pig barn that the animals use for a shelter through the winter. That was a big, stinky job, but all the straw and manure we pulled out went straight to the field where our pumpkins will be planted this year. It was the perfect, all natural fertilizer. I will make one note about this experience. It’s advisable to wait for a calm day to spread poop. Otherwise it blows back in your face. This I learned from experience.

I’ve also been getting a jump-start on weed control in my flower beds by spreading mulch before things have a chance to grow. We’re lucky, because in our area the hydro company trims trees and branches that interfere with power lines, then chip them up and dump them in a nearby parking lot for people to come pick up for free. It’s not the real pretty kind of wood chip mulch you’d buy at a garden centre, but when it’s free I don’t care what it looks like! The plants will cover it up once they fill in anyway.

Our little bees are buzzing like crazy also. At first I assumed they were just cleaning house and preparing for Spring, but I was astonished to see those busy little workers coming back to the hive with their legs heaped with pollen! Apparently the Silver Maple‘s are flowering, and I’ve even seen them trying to squeeze in to the snowdrops as well. It won’t be long until the apple’s are blossoming if this strange weather continues.

English: Silver maple flowers (Acer saccharinu...

Image via Wikipedia

Today I’ll be doing a little more fencing and yard cleanup, and perhaps I’ll even be able to squeeze in a little riding time. My poor horse probably doesn’t even remember what I look like!

Enjoy the weather everyone! I hope you all get a chance to soak up the sun today.


3 thoughts on “Tackling My To-Do List

  1. Hi Marie, Just reading this post now (two and a half weeks later) and hoping that your babees haven’t gotten too chilly since hatching out. It’s always nice to see the girls hauling pollen ’cause you know there’s brood to be fed and another beekeeping season has started. But this year? Well, who knows how it’ll pan out – definitely one for the record books, that’s for sure.

    • P.S. Have a Happy Easter Long Weekend.
      (Your manure spreader anecdote reminds me of that old advice for teaching little boys about wind direction; )

      • I’ve got my fingers crossed! Since I’m so clueless about beekeeping, I was shocked that my hive even made it through the winter, so I’d be super disappointed if something went wrong now! And yes, wind direction- very important! lol

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