No Kids Yet

It’s been 3 days since I said I was sure Maebelle would kid, and….Nothing. Yet, anyway. I’ve gotten many “I told you so” looks from Farmer B, who replied “no way” when I said she was going to kid soon. Guess he was right.

On the bright side though, I found a proper feed bucket for the stand I built for Maebelle. I couldn’t find a plastic one that hung off the front of the stand, so until now I had been holding her old container for her while she ate. Needless to say this was a bit inconvenient since I wasn’t able to use that time to feel her, hold her feet ect. She still really hates both those things. When I looked on the internet for a bucket, the only ones I found were from the states and cost a whopping $40, and that’s not including shipping and duties! But, good things come to those who wait. At the East Central Farm Show in Lindsay, Ontario yesterday I came across the perfect feed container, designed specifically to fit over a fence, and it was bright pink to boot!

Having my hands free gave me some time to do some more up-close inspecting of Maebelle. I felt her tendons again, they’re definitely gone – I can wrap my fingers all the way around her tail. I also took a closer look at her feet. I’ve known they needed trimming for some time now, but I wasn’t aware of just how badly until then. I should mention, for the goat that hates being touched, she loathes having her feet picked up. I wasn’t quite prepared for how hard she would fight that. But, after I got a good hold of her, I found her hoof walls severely over grown and beginning to twist under, causing her foot bend sideways. Not good. So today’s mission is to read as much as I can about goat hoof trimming and get her fixed up while Farmer-in-training has his nap.

I also received my goat hobbles yesterday (after I tried to pick up Maebelle’s feet. Of course.) Yesterday was at least an assurance that I didn’t make this purchase in vain. They will definitely be useful. Perhaps I’ll be really ambitious today and perform the “pre-kidding hair cut”. That should really put the stand’s construction to the test :D.

In other news, you may have noticed the blog has undergone a major facelift. Just like the paint colors in my house, I am never satisfied with how things look and felt compelled to change it up a bit. This “new look” is much less cluttered feeling. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “No Kids Yet

  1. I am still watching goat “butts” too. Have 2 left to kid but only one due now and the other in April. I have a baby monitor in the goat pen so I can hear whats going on while I am working inside. Can’t wait to see your goat babies!

  2. Ha! Yes, I do feel a little weird constantly inspecting her rear end, but that’s the life of a goat owner I guess! Good luck, and I wish you a happy healthy kidding!

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