Do You Know Joseph Kony? You Should.

Here’s something that is completely off topic from anything to do with agriculture, homesteading, homemaking, raising livestock or religion. But it is something that is extremely important to me, and should be to every one else too.

What would you do, if your son or daughter was kidnapped? There would be a national (or even international) search, and the person who committed such crime would be put in jail. What if you’re child was kidnapped, and if female, turned in to a sex slave, or if male turned in to a child soldier who was forced to mutilate and or kill others? It would be all over every newspaper, on every news cast, and everyone would know, and it would be stopped.

But, did you know that this IS happening? I didn’t. I didn’t know about the invisible children, or the LRA, or who Joseph Kony was until this morning. This morning I learned, that in Uganda and other central African countries, for 20 some-odd years, this man, Joseph Kony, has kidnapped over 30 000 children and turned them in to sex slaves and soldiers, and forced them to do unimaginable things. It doesn’t matter where this is happening, NO CHILD SHOULD LIVE IN FEAR OF BEING ABDUCTED, KILLED, FORCED TO KILL, OR FORCED TO HAVE SEX.

The great thing is, though, that this year it will end. This year, it HAS TO end. But it will only end if everyone knows who Joseph Kony and the Invisible Children are, because our governments won’t do anything to help if the people don’t demand it. It does not threaten our national or financial security, therefore it is unimportant to our government and Joseph Kony will continue to abduct, violate and kill thousands of children.

Please, take some time and watch this video. Learn about this travesty, learn who Joseph Kony is, and then share it with your friends, your family, and everyone you know. There are so many deserving issues that require our attention and the action of our governments, but this one thing could change so much, not just for the people of Africa, but for the way our government responds to the demands of the people. Visit and please…




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