Goat Stand Success

Today was Maebelle’s big day on the goat stand I made! I was really nervous that she wasn’t going to take it too well, since she’s not a really friendly goat and is liable to either run as far away as possible or catch you with a horn if you try and touch her. She’s really made progress with getting grain daily, and I always hold it for her and talk to her while she eats. I also move my hands around a lot, because that used to really bother her, but I’m happy to say even that is much better. Food is such a motivation!

The very pregnant Maebelle

As you can see in the picture, I didn’t close the head catch on her this time. I didn’t want to make the very first time really stressful, but I did close it a bit then open it a couple times and although she did pull back and think about jumping off, she didn’t. She just looked super offended and went back to eating again. So I count this as a success, and tomorrow we’ll try closing the head catch all the way. I’ll wait till I get my goat hobbles before I attempt the pre-kidding hair cut though 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Goat Stand Success

  1. Haha! That is so great! So whenever I get a place where I can have goats, you’ll make me a goat stand, right? 😉 Just “kidding”! (ha, I made a funny) But, really…I hope one day to have a handful of chickens and a couple of goats. I’ll be sure to come back so I can make my own successful goat milking stand! Good job!

  2. It looks great! I had to put an eyebolt in mine so i could actually chain the hobbles to it, as I have one doe that kicks like a mule and would actually LIFT the stand off the ground! If she didn’t give 5 qt a day of incredibly creamy milk, she would not be living here! LOL

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