I Built A Goat Stand!

The day before yesterday I had an idea. I wanted to build a milk stand for Maebelle. After all, I’m going to be needing it soon. A few months ago (when we started building the new coop) I had never used a circular saw, and could hardly hammer a nail straight. Well, actually I couldn’t hammer a nail straight…after many failed attempts I was asked to please turn in my hammer and go get a round of beer instead. I was that bad that I go fired from my own project.

But, after a little more practice, I’m proud to say that my mad circular saw skills would put the most seasoned wood-worker to shame….Ok, so that’s an exaggeration. BUT I was good enough to make my “idea” a reality is just a few hours (with a little help from my favorite contractor a.k.a my Dad)

Screwing everything in place

I would have loved to share more pictures of the actual cutting ect., but I did this in my Dad’s shop and forgot my camera. Farmer B took a couple with his phone when he stopped by to see the end results.

That's one good-looking stand if I do say so myself 🙂

I think getting Maebelle on to this stand will be harder than it was to actually build it. But that’s another story in itself 🙂

I got the plans for this stand from Fias Co Farm. Molly has put together the most incredible, comprehensive site on all things goat. These plans were free, but because they were so awesome and easy to follow, I’ll be making a donation to the site so Molly can keep it running. It’s really an invaluable resource for goat owners.

The best part about this stand is that it cost me a total of $6.00. Yep, that’s it. I was able to use extra lumber we had left from the chicken coop and cut everything to size with a table saw, which took no time at all and saved a lot of money.

Thanks, Dad, for letting me use your tools, supervising and making sure I didn’t sever a limb.


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5 thoughts on “I Built A Goat Stand!

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  2. Looks interesting. The photo of your latest post wouldn’t come out. I wonder how your goat reacted or something. I’ve never really seen a goat stand in my life. I grew up in the city and must have seen goats in real life once or twice only (and I’m nearing 30!).

    But good job!

    • If you visit the facebook page, you can see the picture. I’m sorry it’s not showing up!
      She took it shockingly well. When I did close the head catch all the way, she just moved around a bit, but once she realized she couldn’t go anywhere. she stopped moving. I also gave her some animal crackers left over from my son’s snack time lol she was really more concerned about getting more crackers than being stuck in a head gate!

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