I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to Chickens!

I swore I wouldn’t do it. I have so many already. But when the catalogue was released, and ordering opened…I just couldn’t help myself! I had to order more chickens.

I had such a well thought out plan, 12 white egg layers, 12 brown, 12 blue. 48. That’s it. Although, I suppose it fairness, they sort of fit with that plan…

Exchequer Leghorns:

Exchequer Leghorn's lay white eggs

I ordered 6 of these beauties. Leghorn’s are excellent layers, and exchequers are an old, rare breed.


Blue Andalusions:

Blue Andalusion Hen

Like leghorns, Andalusions lay lots of lovely white eggs. Also, like the leghorns, they do much better free-ranging than confined, which is good when you’re trying to reduce your feed bills! Also got 6 of these.

Cuckoo Maran:

Cuckoo Maran Hen

I originally was going to go with the barred rock, which looks very similar to the cuckoo maran, but the marans lay much darker, almost chocolate brown eggs.

And last but not least, Blue Slate turkey’s.

Isn’t he a beauty? Blue slate’s are a rare, heritage breed. I got 6 with the intentions of reserving the best 3 or 4 (1 Tom, and 2 or 3 hens) for breeding purposes.

Ok. That’s it. No more…I swear 🙂

(all poultry was ordered from here. I’ve had great success with them, and they ship all over Canada)



5 thoughts on “I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to Chickens!

    • They certainly are beautiful. I also really love Campine’s and Salmon Favorelles, but I’ll have to wait till another year for them I think 🙂

  1. Sounds like a great plan Marie!! Did you have a specific date in mind when you want your birds? I know it could take almost 6 months for them to start laying, but I wouldn’t have a clue if it is best to receive them early (late March/early April for example), or later towards May. I guess it depends if someone has the space and ability to keep them warm in those cool spring conditions.

  2. Do you any intentions of thinning out your existing flock? I know you said you had added sexlinks in to maintain egg production after your fox issues.

    • Yes! Actually very soon I’ll be getting rid of most of my current sexlinks. I’ll be getting my chicks end of April-ish. When it’s best to get them totally depends if you have somewhere to keep them warm. I’ll keep my chicks in the “storage” area of my new coop in a brooder with a heat lamp until it warms up/they feather out. I’ll be getting some more ready to lay hens to keep up production, as like you said, the chicks won’t start laying for 6 months.

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