Meet Maebelle, Our Milking Goat!

Miss Maebelle

Maebelle is our newly aquired Nubian/Alpine cross doe. She’s almost 3, and is due to kid any time from February on. (Not that I want her to kid in February, but in the event that she does, I will absolutely be knitting these GoatBaby sweaters! So cute!)

Although Farmer B was extremely unimpressed by my new acquisition, I’m sure he’ll thank me when he sees how much our grocery bill decreases! I haven’t done exact math, but we spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-60 A MONTH in dairy products! Milk, cheese, cream cheese, cream, yogurt, you name it, we consume it!

Maebelle & Marigold: Not really BFF's yet.

We have owned goats (and still do own goats) but all have been A: too old to breed or B: Boys (both castrated, and uncastrated.. for the record, I will never own a buck again!)

Maebelle has never been milked by hand, and I’ve never milked a goat-or anything else for that matter-by hand either, so it will be a learning experience for both of us. I’m very fortunate that my mother in law has milked many goats in her day, and I’ll be grateful for the guidance I’m sure.

Showing Off Her Assets-AKA Udder

I’m really looking forward to this adventure. Another goal for 2012 was to be as self-sufficient and frugal as possible, and this is one more step in the right direction. Stay tuned, I’ll definitely be chronicling my success (or perhaps failure)

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10 thoughts on “Meet Maebelle, Our Milking Goat!

  1. Sounds very exciting Marie.

    I was watching some videos online yesterday when I came across an operation in Quebec that milks sheep. I had no idea that people milked sheep. Made me think of your goal be be as self-sustaining as possible. It is great you will be doing that with goats.

  2. You will love your Nubia/Alpine!! We have one named Buttons (her photo is my blog header) and she is such a sweetheart. She didn’t like being milked at first but soon got the hang of it and gave us a gallon of milk a day. Right now she is dried off because she is due to kid the end of March.

    • She’s very cute Peggy 🙂 She’s lucky, she got the more Nubian ears..Maebelle was blessed with Airplane Ears lol But she’s very friendly and has been handled well so I’m sure learn quickly.

    • I have never heard of a goat hobble before, but I just googled it and will definitely invest in this piece of equipment! What and excellent idea! Thanks so much for the tip!

    • Goats are great animals, but make sure you have good fencing!! That was our biggest problem-our fences were for cattle and horses, but goats are like magicians. They can squeeze themselves through impossibly small holes. Other than that, they are amazing animals 🙂

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