Harvesting The Sun

Harnessing the Sun's Energy

Diversity is key when it comes to farming. If you plant only corn, or only soybeans, you’re taking a huge risk if something happens to that market, you’ll be left with nothing. Farmer B and I always try to invest in things that are solid, and will make us a good return. But when he proposed the idea of farming solar power (and making an income from it!)…well let’s say I thought flying pigs were a more sound idea.

Of course, I should have had more faith in my dear husband. He presented me with a stack of information about the new MicroFit program being offered in Ontario as part of  the government’s goal of increasing green energy. Basically the program works like this:

The homeowner installs solar panels on either their roof, or on the ground as a free standing system. The power generated by those panels is fed back in to the Ontario power grid to power the province. This clean energy helps to reduce our dependance on coal ect., and reduces our carbon emissions. In return, the homeowner earns a fair return on their investment.

This program worked for us for a few reasons: Not only were we able to make money from the sun’s energy, but we are able to use that money to pay for the systems, making them totally self sufficient, but when our contract is up, or God forbid, something happens to our hydro system, we will be able to use the solar panels solely to power our farm.

We have had this system for a while now (almost 10 months) and we have been so happy to be able to contribute to clean energy while diversifying our farm income.

Our Panels


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