Construction Day 4

We’re just movin along now! We have my brother in law and another great friend helping us today! They’re both carpenters by trade so this is pretty simple for them. I can’t wait to be able to go out to my nice new coop and collect my beautiful eggs! Here’s a quick pic of the ones I collected this morning.

Lovely Fresh Eggs

Our little guy just loves helping! he passes nails to Daddy, and pretends to hammer wood.

Trusses are going up!

I hate heights, so I’m really glad they’re up there and not me!

Framings almost done!

In the meantime, I’m sourcing new nesting boxes. I’ve used the standard wood ones for a few years and while they do serve they’re purpose, they’re impossible to clean if they get dirty and they harbor all kinds of bitty buggies. I’ve also found, that if the eggs are not collected a few times a day, they end up getting a bit dirty. Dirty eggs means more time I have to spend getting them clean before I can sell them.

Back in the summer I was picking up some geese from a lady who has the most breath taking hobby farm. Everything is so beautiful, as well as being functional and well organized. She had these great plastic/galvanized steel nest boxes that allowed the eggs to roll out into a holding compartment at the back. This kept the eggs clean, prevented any breakage by the chickens (wether accidental or on purpose by a naughty hen) and allowed her to put the eggs directly in to cartons and then in the fridge for customers. Also, they are incredibly easy to disassemble and clean/disinfect. Since I have spent exactly $0 so far on this coop, I think I can afford to buy myself a set of these boxes.

Roll Out Nest Boxes

I might have to hold off on my tongue and groove pine interior for now, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make 🙂

As in my dream coop, I will have a separate storage area at the front for feed and cleaning supplies (and yes, maybe even an arm chair)

Although I know it will take many dozens to re-coop (hehe) my costs, I feel like you can’t put a price on happiness, and seeing my chickens in a nice, cozy and clean coop, will make me VERY happy!



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