Dream Coop Construction Day 3


Farmer B, are you picking your nose?

Day 3 of coop construction and progress is looking good. I had lots of help from my wonderful Dad, Farmer B, and little Farmer-In-Training. The weather was a perfect 12 degrees and sunny; the ideal day to get cracking on this chicken coop!


Bob The Builder


We achieved today what I had hoped we’d be done by the end of Day 1. We got the floor down. I also learned a much greater respect for the time it takes to build something more than a compost bin (really my only other project to date)

We used OBS (Or is it OSB? not sure, but it’s that waffer board stuff) for the floor becuase we could get it for free. We should have used plywood, but with 12′ OC floor joists we figured that would provide good enough support for the softer material. I’ll be using vinyl flooring over top when the coop is finished because it’s none porous, easy to clean/disinfect, and cheap.


Boston the Building Inspector

This is our sweet dog Boston, who is very much like a bull in a china shop. I had this beautiful antique window I planned to use on the West wall of the coop that I couldn’t wait to take a picture of. I had it laid down nicely, all ready to take a picture, when Boston decided to walk over for a cuddle. Which doesn’t sound too bad, except that the shortest distance from where he was, to here I was, was over my window. I no longer have a beautiful antique window to take a picture of. At least not until Farmer B puts it back together again anyway. Our poor Beast, all he wanted was a noggin-rub, and he ended up with a broken window and a cut paw. Poor guy. (Not to worry though, he did get a good cuddle and lots of kisses to make his paw feel better)


End of Day 3

By the end of the day, we had the floor finished, and the West wall framed and put up. you can see where we left space for the (now broken) window. However, after some consideration today, I don’t think I’ll cut the plywood out and install the window until next spring to try and decrease the amount of heat loss. On our property the wind is almost always blowing from the NW and since I’m trying to keep this coop as warm as possible for the winter, leaving the window until spring makes sense. But don’t ask me what I’m going to next winter when the window is there. I haven’t got that far yet.

Hopefully another couple of days and Dream Coop will be close to complete. I can’t wait to “finish” it, with cute salvaged hardware, window planters, shutters… If I’m not careful, this coop will be nicer than my house!



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