Dream Coop Construction Begins!

Originally, my Dream Coop project wasn’t scheduled to begin until next year. But with the weather getting colder, I was forced to remember trying to cope last winter, battling constantly frozen taps, frozen cracked eggs, and possibly the worst, frozen wattles and combs!
With this in mind, I began buttering up Farmer B..delicious Mac and Cheese, Pie, beer delivered to the field..it wasn’t long before he asked me what I wanted 🙂
I was fully prepared to fight for my chicken coop to be built this fall, but, shockingly, he really didn’t argue. Maybe he recognized that look in my eye. The look that says “I’ll do it anyway, so if you don’t want me to crash the tractor or ruin your saw blade, you’d better help.”
Not to mention he can’t stand to be sitting inside while someone else is out working.
So, I printed up a blue print for a standard 10×12 shed, picked my location, and recruited my Dad to help.
I’ll be making a few customizations to the generic shed, like these awesome windows I found in an old shed out back

Turns out they’re from the summer kitchen that was built on the back of our late 1800’s farm house. I’m so excited to be able to reuse them. As much as I want this coop to be functional, I really want it to be beautiful too.
This windows will go on either side of the door on the front of the coop, which will face south hopefully providing a good amount of natural light.

This is Farmer B after he leveled out the ground where the coop would go


My goal for Day 1 was to have the floor framed and the plywood on.

Well..let’s just say I have no concept of how long it takes to build something. This is where we were at, at the end of Day 1.


Not even close to reaching my goal.

Oh well, it was freezing cold, pouring rain. I’m just glad that I have such a great father and husband who were willing to help me even in that!

I’m really lucky that we have a great friend that has collected building materials over the years and gave us all the 2×6’s and plywood that we would need FOR FREE! He’ll be getting an extra special Christmas card this year.

I want to finish the outside of the coop in barn board for a couple of reasons, one being that I want it to blend in with the surrounding buildings, and the other that I want it to end up looking much like this:

I love the rustic homestead-y look!

I plan on finishing the inside with tongue and groove pine (I originally wanted to use Cedar but Farmer B laughed and said we should do in-floor heating and a wine fridge while we’re at it. To put it simply, that means no.)
So I’ll settle for pine.

Finishing the inside is still a distant dream though, since at the end of Day 2, this is where we were..


Rome wasn’t built in a day either though, so I guess I need to learn patients.

This saga will continue as my coop dream comes to life..I’ll keep everyone posted on our progress!


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