Factory Farmed Animals Live in Horrible Conditions and GMOs Will Kill You!

Factory Farmed Animals Live in Horrible Conditions and GMOs Will Kill You!.

Click the link above to read the article I’m talking about.

This is somewhat related to my previous post regarding small-scale livestock farming and heritage breeds. I can’t say I feel one way or another about this article, but I’ll say this: It’s incredibly well written, and offers a fair opposing point of view to the kind of farming I prefer..

There are definitely things I agree with in the post, first and foremost that not all people who run commercial farm operations are bad, and see their animals just as money rather than living beings- my husband and his family ran a commercial pig barn for 25 years, and my mother in law slept with the sows many nights…not the actions of someone evil. We too grow “GMO” crops, and while I personally choose to raise and eat my own food when ever possible, that doesn’t mean that it would be in the best interest of our farm and family to throw away our modern farming practices.

I can’t say that I agree that the hormones and anti-biotics used in livestock production are safe, but I can say that I appreciate this woman’s well thought out and fair argument.

This post has actually made me think about something I said in my last entry- where I mention the “evils” of factory farming. I still feel that way. Not because of (many) of the people that do it, because I’m sure most of them are good decent human beings– but because of the fact that the practices are so far removed from a natural state- and in my opinion (and remember, everyone is entitled to their own) the closer to things are to the way nature intended, the better.

I think it’s always better to have information from both sides of an argument (in this instance, it’s factory farming) and make an educated, fair and respectful opinion of your own, so thank you Life as an Iowa Farm Wife for writing this article.Well done.


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