Wedding Pictures Sneek Peak

On August 27th this year, my husband and I were married here on our farm. We had our ceremony out in our horse pasture, and the reception in our old wooden hay barn. It was very country chic.

Walking Down The Aisle

Saying Our Vows

The New Mr. & Mrs. Stevens

Gosh we have such a beautiful view 🙂

We raised all of our own meat (chicken and pork) and raised many of the vegetables used in our dinner. Our caterer was outstanding!! Thank you to Bonnie from BE Catering and her staff for that.

Such an amazing presentation

Yummy Salad

We did all of our own flowers, and I  had huge help from our family and friends to put them together that morning.

Table Centre Piece

I have so much more to add but duty calls! Stay tuned for more, or click any of the above pictures to view the whole proofing gallery.



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